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A Public Charitable Trust for nurturing & consolidating the Vedic / Hindu spiritual mission
of Dr S Bhagavadpada, a mission which had its humble beginnings in 1983

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Understanding the Place of Vedic Astrology in Our Modern World.

Understanding the Place of Vedic Astrology in Our Modern World

An Awareness of Our Prejudice:

It is one of the important principles in life [a teaching given to me by my Guru Sri Bhagavan, many many years ago], that one has to become aware of any prejudice lurking within oneself, as one stands at the threshold of any new line of enquiry into an ostensibly unknown realm. Such an inward perception, at the very commencement of a new enquiry will enable us to steer clear of any crippling prejudice that we may be harbouring, and of which, we may not be sufficiently aware, without that self-critical internal probing.

Two Distinct Movements in All Civilizations:

If we throw a sweeping glance at the rise and fall of the many civilizations world-wide, broadly speaking, we will find, two kinds of collective human endeavours, recurring time and again, in every civilization. Both these collective-endeavours engage our energies and attention in different directions, and put into our hands fruits which are also entirely different in nature. At different times, in different civilizations, one of these endeavours gained precedence over the other, but what is however significant to note, is the fact that at all times, both have co-existed, side by side, even though one was more dominant, and the other correspondingly recessive. In fact, always, both were necessary to meet our two widely different human
aspirations and appetites.

‘Endeavours’ is not even the right term in this context, for we are dealing here with massive collective-aspirations which are in the nature of ‘intellectual, social or spiritual movements’. Such movements may come into existence, triggered by some crisis, and then may go on to have a life of their own for some centuries or even perhaps for some thousands of years. For the study of Vedic Astrology, and for unearthing that possible hidden prejudice against astrology itself[which though lying buried within ourselves, nevertheless, decisively restrains us from taking a head-long passionate plunge into its mysteries & farther reaches]; it has become necessary to understand both these movements in human history, and see them in their proper perspectives.

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1. Understanding the place of vedic astrology in our modern world.
2. Brief feel of vedic astrology.
3. Devic and asuric life energies from veda vyasa (from the mahabharata).
4. How to consult a vedic astrologer.
5. How to derive benefit from vedic astrology.
6. Intellectual honesty in a spiritual quest[arnold toynbee].
7. Model – horoscopic analysis and remedial measures.
8. Remedial measures as the second line of grace.
9. Samkalpa and its importance
10. Self knowledge and other knowledge in vedic astrology