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Feedback from Atmaswarupis

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Verbatim Reports from the Atmaswarupis after the first & second AtmajnanaYajnas:

The analogies of Siva and Sakti were eye openers. Very hard hitting deep spiritual concepts presented with amazing simplicity. Every teacher has an objective which he wants to achieve in a class. Only the teacher knows the objective clearly. But as a student I feel that the objective was to awaken the quest in us to discover who we really are. There is a lot of distracting noise in all our lives and we tend to get involved with each distraction thereby losing sight of the main objective of life. This 2 day session cut through all the “noise” and held up a mirror to our lives. To this extent Guruji has achieved his objective…

Sri S GopalakrishnanSri S Gopalakrishnan, Dubai

Here, words do not help me to explain …. What appeared as the ‘other’ and guided me is my own beloved Atma (which only increases that love or bhakti, contrary to my earlier opinion). That ‘I Am-ness’ comes to the front and goes back at its will. Something has changed inside, marked with a deeper inner peace.. not tainted with excitement.

Sri B. BalajiSri B. Balaji, Chennai

The Atmajnana Yajna course helped me to identify the ‘real me’, which is Awareness. Being ‘aware’ has helped me deal more effectively with various situations. Many interesting and important topics were covered during the Yajna. The most important lesson that I learnt was ‘How I could be in touch with my soul all the time’.

Smt Padmapriya RavichandranSmt Padmapriya Ravichandran, Dubai

The Atmajnana Yajna has given me immense peace & clarity in thought. At the first instance, the conflict between the mind and the heart has reduced. I feel much relaxed in doing my daily chores. As we become true to ourselves, we are in touch with the Atma, which is always joyous. As soon as I returned from the Yajna, within the following 2 weeks my younger daughter’s marriage was finalized much to our and her wishes.

Smt Meenalochani MahadevanSmt Meenalochani Mahadevan, Chennai

After attending the Atmajnana Yajna, the lengths of silences have increased considerably & there is a marked increase in the occurrences of these incidences too. I get in touch with the Divine with ease regularly now days. The understanding that the end to suffering can only be the recognition of one’s true nature & cannot be found in any material desires’ fulfillment is also complete.

Sri Arun KrishnanSri Arun Krishnan, Chennai

After attending the Yajna I am able to sit for meditation for 20 minutes. Daily I am scolding at least ten persons; I am able to watch that (at the same time I am able to watch this, after scolding the concerned persons also). As per Guruji’s words, in our mind we create two images; one is I and another is the ‘other person’; I am able to understand that, in the sense the image created in our mind is not the actual I. In Siva-Sakti Tattva, if Sakti is not present then there is no place for Creation; that also I understood.

Sri P.V. SomasundaramSri P.V. Somasundaram, Bangalore

The 2 day spiritual retreat has really helped me to understand and self realise about the duality in life (happiness and sorrow). It was an eyeopener for me when I learnt about the distinction between consciouness and awareness through various examples. My flow of thoughts got reduced considerably, once I became aware of my moving thoughts.

Sri RavichandranSri Ravichandran, Dubai

Sri Sankara Bhagavadpada’s Atmajnana sessions helped me to try to focus on my inner life and to be more philosophical with respect to external irritants.

Dr. Vasanthi SubramanyamDr. Vasanthi Subramanyam, Chennai

The sessions by Sri Sankara Bhagavadpada were most useful for me. From both the Yajnas[I have attended two Yajnas], I am now able to face up to my problems (mostly due to my reaction to a situation), come face to face with the not so nice part of my nature, learn to accept that it exists and put an end to the incessant struggle within me. I’m not saying that I’m completely at peace with myself but I have come a very long way towards it.

Dr. Sudha SubramanyamDr. Sudha Subramanyam, Chennai

To postpone is just another trick of the mind for its continued security. To postpone is the height of hypocrisy. To postpone is to be denied of freedom forever’ [Sri Sri Bhagavan]. Well these words have been ringing in my ears since I received your reminder. Well that’s my state of my mind after the Yajnas, my mind has turned inward. I know I have been putting off mailing my feedback, not giving any excuses here. BEING WITH WHAT IS

I want to just share what I have explored and experienced, though can’t be specific about actual, because it is of a personal nature. I have come to an understanding that when you experience something totally whether its pleasure or pain, u are set free. Have been enjoying that freedom in the past two weeks, life is beautiful. The experience of visiting a temple is different now, I now try to relate lessons taught by Guruji. Look at lord Ganesha and try to anchor myself to the ‘I Am-ness’. It is difficult to put in words certain experiences because this whole process of Atmavicharana is for each individual to experience for themselves. One has to experience it to believe it. It is difficult and easy at the same time. The Yajna helps the individual to start looking for answers and to not just find an answer, but to experience it

To prospective seekers I would like to say one must take the plunge with the feeling of nothingness, emptiness and total surrender. I feel it works best. As you go along things look clear, sometimes distorted, sometimes it is happiness and most times when things look sad and u feel ‘I just can’t move a step further’, then is the time you have to stay with what is and the freedom thereafter is phenomenal. I personally have experienced this freedom. It is a beautiful feeling.

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