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A Public Charitable Trust for nurturing & consolidating the Vedic / Hindu spiritual mission
of Dr S Bhagavadpada, a mission which had its humble beginnings in 1983

Masters and Their Teachings

Sources of Blessings — Five Beloved Masters

One does not become a disciple by conversion, or by accident. There is usually an ancient link, maintained through many lives and flowering as love and trust, without which, there is no discipleship….You do not become a disciple by choice, it is more a matter of destiny than self-will (Words of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, qtd. in I Am That, Page 460).

Frankly speaking, I’ve found it well-nigh impossible to present my astrological Pilgrimage to Moksha without touching upon, at least in brief outline, how I received the blessings for an intense devotional yearning for Moksha on account of my deep involvement with my four beloved Spiritual Masters: Sri Sri Bhagavan in the first instance(picture appears below), and Sri J. Krishnamurti in the second. Sri Sri Bhagavan belongs to the present generation, while Sri J. Krishnamurti belonged to the previous one.

Sri Sri Bhagavan

Two other selfless Masters also captivated my heart in commensurate measure and both belonged to the previous generation. However, they were consummate advaitic Masters: Sri Ramana Maharshi from Tiruvannamalai in TamilNadu, South India; and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj from Mumbai. Thus, four was certainly the number of Masters that I can count and identify. This is easy, because they came into my life one after the other, each coming being different from the other, and they seem to be fulfilling a certain complex karmic pattern.

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