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The Presence of Siva and Sakti in Sages, Avatars

On account of multiple afflictions in the Maharshi’s case, Moksa was accompanied by the cessation of the activity of the Divine Mother so that in this case of advaitic Realization, there was no scope for any kind of ‘mission’ for the Maharshi, as some Avatars — his illustrious contemporaries, Mahatma Gandhi and Sri Aurobindo — had.

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In the Atmajnana Yajnas, Bhagavadpada uses Siva-Sakti Tattva as the unified mythic metaphor for Atmajnana, Jyotisha and in fact for all Veda Vidyas. Siva is the timeless Awarness, the Absolute, whereas, Sakti is the kinetic, changeful emanation from Siva. Sakti is our moving consciousness, which though seemingly independent is nevertheless, inseperable from Siva.

The ‘thinking & feeling self’ is an expression of Sakti & Maya, whereas the ‘knowing Self’ which is invariably in the background, is the Atma or Siva. This is the view presented in the Atmajnana Yajnas.

The Presence of Siva and Sakti in Sages