Tat Tvam Asi

A Public Charitable Trust for nurturing & consolidating the Vedic / Hindu spiritual mission
of Dr S Bhagavadpada, a mission which had its humble beginnings in 1983

Secretary and Treasurer

Sri Kannan Subramanian

“I have known Kannanji(Ex Army Capt.) since 1990. He participated in the very first spiritual retreat(April 19th to 30th), ‘Anugraha’, that I conducted in 1990, in Jeevashram-a school that I had founded along with my Master Sri Sri Bhagavan, for ‘the awakening of intelligence’ in children, during the normal process of education itself. Since then, Kannanji has been constantly and reliably helping me in a secretarial capacity, both during my years in the mission work of my Master(till 2000), and also later, when, after coming away from my Master’s spiritual mission, I commenced my own Jyotisha work(2000), and subsequently also spiritual work(2011), with self-knowing, and Self- realization as the goals, and ‘Understanding’ as the path[Jnana Yoga].He has been an extremely reliable support for me, even during difficult periods of sickness and death, especially of my late mother, late brother, and Premaji’s parents. I have therefore expressed my deep gratitude to him in the ‘Acknowledgements’ section of Sri Ramana Maharshi’s Moksha, for he also played an important role in the typesetting of the manuscript.

“In my Jyotisha work since 1998,he has again been a constant support in accounts and administration, in client-servicing and especially in spiritual counseling, at which he is at his very best. In 2011, working closely with the Sanskrit scholar, Dr Madhav Rao Raghu of the Madras Sanskrit College, he prepared the layout and arrangement of the entire 700 slokas of the Bhagavad Gita(as 18 Chapters), with the Sanskrit text, word for word meanings, transliteration and meanings, as provided by Dr Madhav Rao Raghu. This was necessary for my Atmajnana retreats(Yajnas), which commenced in 2010 and 2011, under the auspices of the Tat Tvam Asi Trust. He, along with some other volunteers organized the first three Atmajnana Yajnas in Chennai.

“In 2012, and 2013, he travelled with me to North and South America(2012 only) to Canada; Uruguay and Mexico, where Sri Ricardo Bravo had organized Atmajnana Yajnas and Jyotish consultations for me. When I founded the Tat Tvam Asi Trust in Jan 2011, I naturally invited him to be a Trustee(in view of his constant reliability, maturity, and deep familiarity with my work) and asked him to take the responsibility of the Secretary and Treasurer, which of course he accepted with joyous gratitude. In the picture, he is seen with Mr Peter Christiansen, in San Jose, California, as Peter and his wife Nandini Balakrishna(my niece) had warm heartedly hosted us at their home in San Jose,before we were moving to Ojai Valley[J. Krishnamurti’s Centre there]. My family and I, wish Kannanji, good health, long life and many more years of fulfilling work.”

Sankara Bhagavadpada