Tat Tvam Asi

A Public Charitable Trust for nurturing & consolidating the Vedic / Hindu spiritual mission
of Dr S Bhagavadpada, a mission which had its humble beginnings in 1983

Confluence of Atmajnana and Jyotisha

The ‘Self’ in Vedic Astrology:

As you may already know, the manifestations in the spiritual spheres of dharma and moksha take on a number of varied forms. Spiritual inspirations and inclinations, devotional adoration of the Divine (Bhakti yoga), perfection in the understanding of the Divine, either directly or through the scriptures (Jnana yoga), astral journeys to other worlds, inclinations towards Hatha yoga, spiritual activism (Karma yoga), psychic gifts, creative insights or creative mathematics or creative poetry sourced in communion with the Divine, expressions of spiritual austerity, sudden illumination and realization of the Divine without any sadhana (spiritual practice and spiritual seeking), meditational discovery of the Divine (Dhyana yoga), renunciation of the world, celibacy, unspiritual traits co-existing with true spiritual greatness, profound seeking and profound curiosity about the Divine, enigmatic spiritual patterns, religious ecstasies, mystical experiences and journeys,Kundalini awakening and experiences, materialization of sacred substances, near-death experiences, activation of past-life memories, communion with the Divine,psychic intuitions, miraculous healings, aspirations to serve the helpless because of compassion (Karma yoga), visions, insights, realizations and teachings, etc.

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